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It's Brandon Lamb and I want to welcome you to my affiliate center here at This is where you'll find all the tools you need to write your own paycheck by earning 50% commission on each sale you make on my detailed, highly popular money management product, Slash Your Spending.

I've gone to huge lengths to set this affiliate program up, and if you go through it, I'll think you'll find that it's the most complete and comprehensive compared to any other personal finance program on ClickBank.

I have all kinds of highly powerful marketing tools that you won't find anywhere else, plus a detailed set up guide that will teach you how to be successful with my product and your campaigns so that you can pull in the greatest profits possible.

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There are so many products on ClickBank. It can be hard to find one that you know will sell like hotcakes off the griddle. We know because we've tried.

The key to earning insane amounts of money is finding a product that's hard-to-find -- or one that everyone and his brother isn't selling-- and one that doesn't have a lot of competition from similar products on the 'net.

Well, there's good news for you! This product is the one-of-a-kind solution you've been looking for as an affiliate. Trust me when I say we've scoured the Internet other products who target the same customers, that resemble our product, or offer about the same content. And guess what? We couldn't find one. Not even 1!

Best yet, this is a product that everyone wants! Who doesn't want to better manage their money, learn strategies to save, and be able to afford to do more all the while building their bank account? In this economy, the answer to that is just about everyone. This is the one product that will draw customers to you like flies to honey -- and fatten your bank account like a turkey before Thanksgiving!

And don't forget! It comes with all the support and tools you need to generate massive commissions each week!


Earn a 50% Commission On This Amazing Product:

Full Set Up Instructions

Click Here For All The Info- This section is to help you get your affiliate campaign up and running. You'll learn more about the product, how to set up your affiliate links, best methods for your campaign, and even additional tips to increase your success.

Even if you're already a successful affiliate marketer, don't overlook this section.


Marketing Tools


You're going to love this! All you have to do is start your affiliate campaign because I've created all the marketing tools for you! You'll be hard pressed to find effective tools like this with another program on ClickBank.

Text Articles- (HOT!) These are well written and high quality articles about saving money and money management. They relate to the product, of course, and drive customers to you to buy. You can use these on your website, blog, forum, ezine, or anywhere you want.
Solo Email Ads- (HOT!) All you have to do is cut and paste these ads into an email to your list and watch your commissions multiply!
Text Ads- Powerful pre-written text ads that you can use on your website, blog, ezine, or forum. You can also use these for PPC advertising.
Banner Ads- If you are already using product reviews and articles, adding banners is a great way to increase your overall click-through rate.
Product Reviews- (HOT!) Save yourself the time and hassle by using my pre-written product reviews. A good solid product review is a key way to pull in sales and can be used on your website, blog or sent to your mailing list.
Product Images- (HOT!) Use these anywhere you would like. They are here for you to copy and paste, use in your campaign and potentially generate sales!
Autoresponders- Use these to increase your conversion rates and to build your mailing list even more!
Blogs- There is no shortage of poorly setup blogs promoting dismal products. Here is your chance to learn how to setup a blog properly... and make tons of cash while you're at it!
Custom Landing Page- (HOT!)(NEW!) Shoot me a quick email and I'll create you a custom landing page with your logo and custom URL. No footer ad on this page! Use this page for our launch OR use it as a custom Clickbank '1 click upsell feature' pitch page for your product.


1 on 1 Affiliate Coaching


One thing I want to make absolutely clear is that I am personally here to assist you in whatever way I can, whenever you need my help. My absolute number 1 goal is to help you create the largest possible stream of income from this affiliate program, and I will do whatever I can to make that a reality for you. My affiliates come first, and your success is my priority.

If you're serious about maximizing your profits and would like to have an open line of direct communication with me, go ahead send me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as possible:

Brandon [at]

I'll see you guys on the other side!

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